Hidden Baby Circle: The Loneliness Of The Adult World And The Emotional Fetters Behind The Entity Doll

There is a circle that hides in a secret corner and does not make public or show off. Those who mix in the circle call themselves “baby friends”.

This secret and group is keen to dress up the dolls, take care of their “daily life” and take them outside to press the road, just like their lovers. However, it seems to the outside world that the existence of physical dolls is more to meet their needs – sex.Is a physical doll a sexual tool or a human partner? Can it replace real people emotionally? Does its existence have any impact on practical ethics? The answers vary. Maybe we can find clues in some stories.I once read a story on the Internet about a guy engaged in physical doll sales in Guangzhou, who met countless customers in his years of work, or responded to the sentence: where there is sales, there are difficult customers. He has met a variety of strange guests with all kinds of strange customization needs.

In his opinion, this group of people may be called “abnormal” and “pornographic”.But he also met some “special” people, who let him see the loneliness of the adult world and the significance of the existence of physical dolls. Many times when we do things, someone around us will feel at ease. Many people have great strength or a reason, but the subconscious is the comfort of companionship.

When we were young, we “communicated” with various toys and models. When we grew up, we had cats and dogs, said some unspeakable words to them, and shared emotions that outsiders did not understand. Just looking for a company.

In the above story, we can see that the lack of emotion can be alleviated by dolls. Although the physical doll is silent, her friends are trying to prove her humanity. When you believe they are listening, your words are worth it.

Facing the suffering in life, we are often embarrassed and at a loss. There are many emotional things. They can accompany you in difficult times and help you resist loneliness. Dolls are just one of them.

Although the physical dolls are fake, their company is true. Just like Andy, who has lost his wife, Mr. Gangcun and the Belgian couple who have lost their daughter, it is a rare luxury for them to retreat to the second place.

“Physical dolls are human partners, and sex is only one of their functions.”
The psychological needs of buyers who buy Dolls are often greater than their physiological needs, and what they seek is spiritual sustenance. In the future, physical dolls may also be combined with more advanced AI intelligence, language synthesis, 3D printing and other high-end technologies to develop functions that can better meet the diversified needs of mankind.

Post time: Nov-30-2023