After Visiting The Adult Exhibition, They Turned Out To Be So Realistic! Counter Attack Road Of Entity Doll

With the idea of understanding the market and groups, Xiaobian has participated in two adult exhibitions, namely Guangzhou sexual culture festival and Shanghai Hai International API adult healthy life exhibition. On the way back to the record, friends from my company always make complaints about me. Your single house is more like a doll exhibition than a stroll exhibition.
Indeed, although physical doll exhibitors account for no more than one-third, doll exhibitors are the most eye-catching presence of adult exhibitions in terms of quality and popularity. Unfocused eyes, broken expressions and inferior wigs are what most people think of as a body doll, or inflatable doll.

In the age of underdeveloped information, inflatable dolls that can explode almost carry all the imagination of many people about inferior adult dolls. The same is true of many physical dolls at the exhibition for the first time. When they reach for the thighs of those “people”, they seem to be ready for disappointment.
Then there is a mysterious force that attracts their eyes and hands. Isn’t this a real person pretending? The hand feel is second. The doll’s head carving is too exquisite. Whether it’s street people, animation games or movie stars, you can always find different styles.

Most of the dolls at the exhibition are sexy and hot, but the exhibitors told me that the reason why people choose to buy them at a high price is not for some hidden secrets. An important reason for this is that a one meter five doll, whose skeleton is made of alloy and industrial plastic, generally weighs 30kg. At the same time, due to the characteristics of its material, daily maintenance and cleaning are more troublesome.

Therefore, in the video of waiting dolls, it is more the baby owners who dissuade Mengxin. It has been 20 years since the development of isometric dolls in China, and their adult color has gradually faded. Instead, they are similar to BJD (referring to all kinds of relatively exquisite movable dolls with ball joints), which are endowed with the accompanying function of emotional tendency.

The difficult development of body size dolls depends on the innovation of domestic manufacturers in technology and appearance. It is precisely because the doll is more and more exquisite that buyers treat it more and more as a “person”.

Humanoid dolls appeared 40 years ago. They were first made of rubber in Japan and sold for about 38000 yen. The price of a motorcycle and the feel of a motorcycle tire are not something that ordinary people can consume. In the 1980s, dolls made of soft glue appeared. They felt better, but the price soared to 100000 yen.

The silicone doll we are familiar with today did not enter the Chinese market until 2000. Ten years later, TPE (a kind of high resilience, high-strength plastic) doll was made as a real clothes model in China for the first time. After countless technological innovations, it came to the product with soft feel and strong plasticity.

At present, most of the solid dolls on the market use silicone head carving + TPE limbs. This ensures that the facial features are delicate enough and the body is soft enough. In addition, there are cloth dolls and hand-made dolls. Cloth dolls are relatively light as a whole and follow the two-dimensional route. Fabric skin is filled with soft materials such as sponge. You can have them for 1000 or 2000 yuan. If the material is made by hand, it will be heavier and lose its softness, but the exquisite degree is unmatched by other materials. The unit price is more than 50000 yuan.

Therefore, silicone + TPE dolls firmly occupy most of the domestic market by virtue of their high quality and low price. Domestic doll manufacturers continue to improve the production process of silica gel and try their best to create their own advantages, so as to better meet consumers.

Boys and girls have different needs to buy Dolls. As mentioned earlier, men buy Dolls more for a sense of companionship. The real meaning of dolls is that they are the best companions when there is no one to accompany them in those difficult days. Women, on the other hand, have more of a “cloud raising baby” mentality, which is no different from playing Barbie as a child. They like its delicate face and limbs that can be placed at will.

At the same time, what they have to bear is the strange eyes of the people around them. As you can see, the occasion where ordinary people can touch these dolls is the adult exhibition. For the inevitable pornographic attribute of physical dolls, an analogy is that a bag can be used to hold garbage or food. You can’t just say there’s a problem with people who use bags to hold food because someone uses bags to hold garbage?

This is a personal choice. Besides, adult products can’t be said to be vulgar, because it doesn’t have its own attribute, and the manufacturer’s deliberate guidance means appear vulgar. From the introduction of adult toys to today, they have never been accepted by ordinary people. Buying solid dolls is a matter of great courage. If you go to a friend’s house and see that he has a doll, your first reaction may be metamorphosis! Then blurted out “how terrible!”

Mori Changhong, a Japanese robotics expert, said: when the similarity between robots and humans reaches a certain degree, the human response to them will suddenly become extremely negative and disgusting. Even if there is only a little difference between robots and humans, it will appear very conspicuous and dazzling, so that the whole robot has a very stiff and terrible feeling, That is the so-called fear valley effect.

Post time: Nov-30-2023